Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Arches National Park 2016

We've been to Arches National Park twice before so this time we avoided the arches themselves (and the endless crowds) and just enjoyed some of the magnificent rock formations instead. This is the best time to visit this area as well as the Fall so there were a LOT of people...and buses full of tourists as well. One day, we turned around at the entrance because there were at least 30 cars in each of the two lanes to get into the park.

As usual...the rock formations are beyond description so I'm going to just put a number of photos in here and, at the end, you'll see a link to the photos we took last year.

See the Arch?

Katie likes the rocks too!

This Kayenta formation had three layers. This one at the bottom, called the Dewer,  is the softest, hence the horizontal erosion.

What odd formations 

One of many Arches in the park

Fiery Furnace area

Balanced rock to the left

Fiery Furnace area

Fiery Furnace area closeup. The white is where the iron has leached out of the rock

Fiery Furnace area

Wiped out after a hike


Katie's paw prints in the sand

And we saw Mater in the town !

I wanna see, I wanna see !

Nice visit to Arches once again.

Steve, Kim and Katie

Here's a link to the photos we took the last visit:

...and last year's blog entry...

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