Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Arches - More photos

Here are some more fabulous scenes of Arches National Park. We tried to show the size of the arches by including people next to them. Also, you'll see that Arches is much more than just the arches themselves.  Again, we'll be limiting captions as these shots stand on their own.

Double Arch!

A boy scout troop was underneath singing "God Bless America".

North and South Windows Arches.

This is Delicate Arch, the emblem for the state of Utah license plates.

View from across the canyon after an uphill .5 mile hike to view it. The people next to the arch had a 3-mile round trip hike to get under it.

This area is called Park Place.

If you look closely, you can see where a slab of rock has sheared off under the top rock, making it seem like it's going to topple over any day now.

We had so many more photos but you can get a feel for the magnificence of this park from these few. If you decide to travel here to visit, make sure you get into the park between 7 and 8am to do the hikes and get to the arches. It gets VERY crowded, noisy and un-peaceful once the mobs of people, kids, strollers, buses, etc. show up. We usually went between 7 and 11, then went driving around to view the sites.

Next up: Capitol Reef National Park

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