Monday, May 30, 2016

Castle Valley outside of Moab

One of the side trips we wanted to take while staying in Moab was to visit Castle Valley, which is up the Colorado River about 18 miles or so. Supposed to be a nice place to visit. On the way up, we couldn't help but stop and the rock formations.

This is called Varnished Rock 

...and had a little fun....

They're HUGE !


I'm sure I felt it move!

Even Katie got in on the action
Okay, we finally get to Castle Valley...

Coming into view

And looking up the valey

Those are the "Castles" in the background

We drove the length and gained elevation. This is looking back

Coming back down from the end

Back in the valley

Kim loves the cows

Scarlet Globemallow (Common Globemallow)

Rough Mulesears

Rough Mulesears

Central Pricklyperar (Plains Pricklypeary)
Central Pricklyperar (Plains Pricklypeary) ....with bee

Central Pricklyperar (Plains Pricklypeary)
And, on the way home, next to the Colorado River, we stopped to take photos of the varnished rocks and some tubers.

How the heck did this form?

From ground level

looking downriver ground level
This looks like fun.

....and some happy Katie photos...

LOVES the wind

Look at her go !

Okay, that's it for this one. I hope you're not getting tired of the rock and the rock formations. They're endless.

Steve and Kim and Katie

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