Saturday, June 22, 2013

Not just Old Faithful at Yellowstone...much more

Old Faithful is what most people think of when asked about Yellowstone but we found so much more when it comes to geysers. Hot springs, lava pits, mud pits, odd formations, fantastic colors....and, of course, the geysers.

We posted about 60 photos online so that you can view them at your leisure...there's no way we should be putting that many photos in a blog post.

Here's a sampling of what we saw as we walked around the geyser fields and the hot springs fields. Of course, any one of these is much hotter than boiling water temperature.

Loved the sides of this hot springs pit. This was the only one we saw that had these formations. 

Bacteria growth.

More bacteria growth.

Okay, okay.....I put a good number of photos in here...couldn't help it. They were all so amazing.

There is bacteria that thrives in the extreme heat of the pits....and produces these colorful images. 

Looks so peaceful, you want to jump in but....that would be the end of you.

Old Faithful...every 75-85 it goes. A big crowd starts gathering to watch. We saw it about 4 times as we walked around the geyser field.

Closer look at these sides of this hot springs pit. 

As you can see, every image was unique so, as we walked through the fields, (there were more than a dozen throughout the park) we never got bored.

So, we've shown the wildlife and now the geysers, hot springs, etc. Next up will be the breath-taking waterfalls. Stay tuned!

Kim and Steve

Oh, here's the link again should you want to view all the images:

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