Monday, July 8, 2013

The Magnificent Glacier National Park

Magnificent ! That's all we could say...every day when we gazed at these mountains that reached for the sky.

The sky was the perfect color. The lakes the same. We never got tired of looking at the scenery, even though we were there for 10 days. We also saw waterfalls, river rafts, lodges, snow, wind, vistas, and more mountains!

This view is from the east looking west.

This deer walked this close to Kim as she was taking photos of the flowers...
did not  even hesitate.

Tunnel going up to the summit from the east side.

The valleys were carved out by the glaciers.

Sunset on the west side

Lake McDonald on the west side

There was a bit of snow at the top still.....a bit !!??

You can find all of the photos we posted here.....

...too many to put in one blog. What a great place to visit. We hiked numerous trails. Hopefully, we'll put together a post of all the many flowers we photographed.


  1. Your Pictures are magnificent! So want to go here. Could you please indicate where you found decent stopping places for your rig??? we want to head that way and would appreciate suggestions.

    1. We have used almost exclusively for over two years and have not been disappointed. On the west side of Glacier we stayed at SunSuzEd RV park. On the east side we stayed at Johnson's of St Mary. I find the city first, then read reviews and notice whether the reviewers are driving a motorhome or not. Hope this helps.