Friday, June 14, 2013

Yellowstone Wildlife

We came to Yellowstone for the geysers and Old Faithful and ended up taking more photos of the wildlife (animals) than anything. They were everywhere! What a treat to see them in their natural habitat.

Trails? We don't got to have no stinkin' trails when we got a road we can walk on.

We saw herds up to 45 in quantity.

Having a ball making a dust cloud...kinda reminds me of Pig Pen in the Charlie Brown cartoon strip.

...and lots of calves...

Mom!  Wait up!

This is looking out our passenger window.

Awwwww....cute huh?

Interesting that baby horses (colts) look like a horse and baby cows (calves) look like a cow but baby bison (also called calves) don't look like a miniature bison. Cuter for sure.

Mountain Bluebird, Male
Mountain Bluebird, Female. Babies inside maybe?
Raven...very large...and they were a lot of them.
Sandhill Crane. So awkward on the ground...

 but very very horizontal and sleek when flying. (It's right in the middle of the photo flying from left to right).

Great Blue Heron

Mallard Duck, Male

Canadian Goose

Marmot hiding in the rocks
A herd of Elk was at this stream almost every day.


One of the most fun we had was watching all the tourists (like us) get all geeky when they saw an animal.

This is called a "Bear Jam" because the people come to a screeching halt and pull off the side of the road (well, most of them anyway) to take pictures. Rangers, like the one in the orange safety vest, are constantly trying to prevent auto accidents....and to make sure no one hassles the animals.

Our new additions to the family. "Buff" on the left and "Smokey Junior" on the right....and proud new parent, Kim, in the middle.

We'll get to the spectacular waterfalls and the plentiful hot springs in the next blog post.

Kim and Steve

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  1. Looking good, might enjoy your freedom while you still have it.