Friday, March 15, 2019

So much construction !

I cannot wait to get away from the cities and get out west. Cannot believe all the road/interstate construction going on. From Gulport, Mississippi to Houston and beyond, we ran into major road repairs where the lanes shrank down so thin that I was sure I'm going to lose my mirrors any minute.

Accident on I-10. We sat in one place for 1 hour and 45 minutes! Good thing we have an on-board bathroom. We thought about renting it out to the other people ! far as we could one moving.

Another construction backup

Houston traffic first thing in the morning as we headed out of town.
Like they didn't have enough freeways already!

planning for more vehicles !

...future highways!

BBQ trail next up!


Saturday, March 9, 2019

No other place like Cajun Country

Got to Cajun country outside of Lafayette, Louisiana in time for the Mardi Gras golf cart parade at Cajun Palms RV park.

Oh...the colors...well....Purple Represents Justice. Green Represents Faith. Gold Represents Power.

Cras? in Mardi Gras.

Check out the purple satin pants and colorful leggings !
We also bought the traditional King Cake while there. Delicious ! (We usually go to Lafayette to buy the best there is in the area but got lazy and bought at a local bakery.)

Used to be called "T-Sue's Bakery" when we were here before. They have a red light on their street sign that flashes when the fresh bread comes out of the oven. 

Those boxes on the bottom shelf are all King Cakes.

The History of the King Cake
King Cakes didn't always contain a baby Jesus; in the late 19th century, celebrators hid a bean, pecan or jeweled ring inside the baked item. Whomever found the treasure within would be crowned the king or queen of the season's first Mardi Gras ball.

The plastic baby was first baked into a cake in the 1950s, and now, these little plastic figures come in a multitude of colors, including pink, brown, green, purple and gold. Tradition dictates that whomever finds the baby in their slice of cake must provide the next cake for celebration.

When ordering a King Cake from a bakery, the plastic baby might come on the side to be inserted into the cake by you. This protects the bakery from any potential litigation as a result of chipped teeth, choking or other injuries.

Yummmy! The Baby represents Jesus. (see above paragraphs)

We went down to Butte Larose to see the homes along the bayou. Some are pretty neat...and others....well....

But they have satellite TV!

All sizes, shapes and zoning here.

Lastly, we like to take Katie for a ride around the RV park when we can. While we drive at 5 mph, she stands up on my lap, hangs out and loves it.


You taking my picture!!??

There's more in this part of the country but that's a long enough entry for now.


Thursday, February 28, 2019

Finally! Heading to Idaho

February 28, 2019

We were so excited to get on the road, we both woke up around 3:15....that's AM ! After trying to go back to sleep, we decided to get up. We were due to get up at 4 anyway for an early start. last minute stuff packed away and all the outside doors closed and locked..quietly as possible. Started up the coach around 5 and left the park to hook up the truck away from everyone....and off we went!

Now, the fun begins...

First off, we hear a sharp noise. Kim looks over at me and says, "We just lost a mirror". convex mirror on the passenger side decided to leave us. (A phone call to Newmar and they'll send me one....for $55.) But that one is really valuable to see cars as they try to sneak by us on the right.

The bottom convex one came off on the passenger side.

After that, we're cruising along, tunes playing, watching the rush hour traffic wiz by us...poking along at 60 mph. It really dark outside. Suddenly, around 40 miles down the road, an alarm in the coach starts screeching at us! "Kim, find out what that is !" Fortunately, it was only two miles to a Rest Area so we pulled in and found out the noise was coming from the LP/Propane detector. Not good.

Opened all the windows, turned on the fans and flipped off the frig, hot water heater and turned off the propane tank. Told heart to stop beating so fast.

Now, this is around 6:30 in the morning. What RV mobile person will be around at that early hour? The alarm finally stopped so, while waiting for someone to get to their office so we could get some answers, we took a short nap. Turns out the unit is from 2002! It's supposed to be changed every 5 years. So, let's see....that would be 2007 and then 2012 and then 2017! We missed three changes!

Here's the little culprit!

Headed up to Lazy Days in Tampa and bought a new one, kept all the propane turned off and went our entire distance up to Lamont, Florida for the night, stopping at a few Rest Areas along the way. (I think Florida has some of the nicest Rest Areas we've seen.) 320 miles, pulling in around 4:30 in the afternoon. Took Katie for a nice long walk.

So much for a nice, leisurely first day on the road!

Time for some dinner and a long night's sleep. Tomorrow we head to Biloxi Boomtown Casino for the night, then Cajun country.

Our spot at A Stone's Throw RV in Lamont, Florida.
And, we got to see two gorgeous Cardinals outside our window.

Oh, one more thing. We got to see Katie's mom when we were in Nokomis. She's owned by our groomer there, Kay. She was nice enough to bring her to the shop so we could get the two of them together. Trixie is 7 and Katie is now 3. So cute together!

Trixie on the left and Katie on the right.

Close resemblance. Of course, Katie just got groomed and Trixie is due.

They didn't really pay much attention to each other. Apparently, the mom...and daughter...
don't know each other after they leave.

Thanks for following.


Thursday, January 17, 2019

Missing entries

Our last entry was waaaay back at Niagara Falls. Since then, we've traveled extensively through New England and down to Florida where we are currently wintering over until March.

You can see from this map that the two large yellow circles are placed and sites we visited. Dunno...just stopped blogging.

So many places in New England then, avoiding hurricane to get to Florida.
I've been meaning to backtrack and do entries for each of those stops but never did. We'll be heading back to Idaho March 1st to be at our home for April and maybe May before taking off again. What can I say? We LOVE travelling.

So.....till we meet again.


Katie likes to sit in the front window where she can bark at all the other dogs passing by.

Thanksgiving above the beach.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Niagara Falls....even more amazing!

The last time we visited Niagara Falls, we were blown over but, this time....WOW !!! Forgot how amazing all this water looks.

Horseshoe Falls
American Falls from the side

American Falls from the other side....and a rainbow!

We were staying at a KOA in Pennsylvania the night before and wanted to get here before the crowds. Our alarm went off at 4am !! We had packed up the night before so all we had to do was pull in the slides, start the engine and go. It was only about 85 miles to the Falls, Parking Lot 3. No one was around and we got in there before anyone (see map below and yellow circle for parking lot).

There are many terrific viewing spots and walking paths around the park so we took the one that went along the Niagara River on towards the American Falls.
Green line is our 3 mile walk to see all the falls

The water was really rushing by in its way over the cliff.

Katie looks does Daddy

Ahhhh,,,,kiss, kiss

Water about to go over the American Falls

We could stand right next to it!

...and over it goes...
This is a view from the other side of American Falls

You get so close, it's a bit scary watching that water going over

You can see the boat, Maid of the Mist, in there near Horseshoe Falls.

Everyone wears these blue raincoats...for obvious reasons. We did not do the boat this time.
People tell us that the view from the Canada side is better. I believe but we had no passports to get back into the States.

Aerial from the Canada side showing American Falls to the left and Horseshoe to the right

Here's what the American Falls look like from Canada. Notice the Maid of the Mist in the foreground.

Selfie....check out dad's new haircut....I asked for short but...really?
Just threw this in because I love taking closeups of flowers.
After we got through here, we drove another 250 miles to our RV spot in upper New York state for a couple of days before heading into Vermont for three weeks.

See you then!