Wednesday, June 8, 2016

One last trip down the Colorado River from Moab

We took one last trip down the Colorado River, this time from the east side.

Looking down river

We saw these two jeeps on the side of the mountain...navigating very slowly...up the side.

There they are...going up the side of the mountain

Let's pan back a bit....still see 'em?

See if you can see them now? Notice how large that mountain side is?
You will find a movie showing them close up then far away here on youtube:

Anyway...back to the rocks....I took a photo of a side of the mountain, then took closeups on individual spots on the side to show how interesting the rocks are to us. We stood and stared for at least 15 minutes picking out the features.

...and here's the other side of the river...

We ended up taking a dirt road far off the river into a canyon with towering cliffs above us.

That's it for Moab...we head for places south for 'em.