Friday, June 10, 2016

Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, and other spots

We left Moab...finally...and headed south to stay one night at the Cameron Trading Post. They have and "RV Park" across the street where we hooked up. All gravel and not very long for our 61-feet.

Oh...along the way, we stopped at PJ's burger's in Monticello, Utah for a burger.....delicious!



And then....we wanted to see Monument Valley one more time. We didn't stop and visit...just drove by, stopped along the highway and took photos.

Mexican Hat with Kim and Katie

Mexican Hat

Finally, we got to Cameron, took the van off the trailer and drove up to see the Grand Canyon. It's spectacular as always....

Katie and Steven

Katie in the window

Self Portrait

at the east end entrance

....and our Katie Photo-of-the-Day....

"can I come too?"

Nice journeys...what a hoot!


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