Saturday, September 8, 2012

Downeastern Maine

We've been in Lubec, Maine for a week...nice weather, then heavy rain one entire day (4-6") and the last two days have been thick fog. Sunday we head south to Bar Harbor area for a week.

"Downtown" Lubec

Blueberry fields...after harvesting

See the blueberries? These were right at the edge of the road....delicious.

Typical road off the beaten path near the ocean.

Lobstah traps. They can get up to 6-10 lobsters in each trap if it's a good fishing day

Nice little harbor. Most of the time we could not get near the ocean...private property or no roads.

We could not figure out what fish he caught. Haddock maybe?

Watching the start of a magnificent sunset. Oh...those are Kim's feet !

The sunset just kept getting better and better for over an of the very best we've seen in our travels.

The Maine forest is THICK...and soggy.

I just liked this buoy

Like we said....foggy.

Some of the downtown shops...colorful

Kim's flower spring like.

All the little fishies rotated as well as the large one. Weather vanes inside a weather vane.

A terrific photo by Kim. In focus on the right and out of focus on the right.
Our site at Sunrise Point RV, Lubec, Maine.
We'll be in Maine until the 26th of September then back to northwest Vermont to watch the fall foliage.


  1. We love your photos and reading about your adventures in the New England States...our plan for next summer is to cross those off our "Life List"!

  2. Love the picture of the shrimp boat, made it my desk top, travel safe!!!