Monday, September 24, 2012

Acadia Maine Carriage Ride

At Acadia National Park in Maine they offer carriage rides ranging from 1-3 hours each over the specially built carriage roads through the park. We've never been on a carriage ride and it's something Kim has always wanted to do so.....

We picked the two-hour ride to the summit of one of the peaks starting at 4:30 in the afternoon.

This is our driver, Sarah, getting the warm blankets ready for us. They also were good to pad our behinds !

Off we go!

Pat on the left and Junior on the right. Pat likes to dawdle a bit and Junior gets a bit impatient so he'll start nipping at Pat to "get going !"

These trails were made by Rockefeller when he owned most of the island.

The mountain drops off rather steeply to the right. Fortunately, the horses were very steady.
Great views looking South down the coast of Maine.

Some fantastic cloud formations above (well, of course, they were above) as we went up and down the mountain.

When we reached the summit, we were allowed to get out to stretch our legs. Kim decided to stay put and take the small loop around to pick up back up.

Doesn't she look happy?

"Look at me....I'm taking a carriage ride!!"

...with rap attention, Kim watches Sarah handle the horses..."Step up, Pat, Step up, Junior....goooood boy".

These horses are Clydesdales but not the huge Budweiser ones....those are bred to be extra large. In the winter, once the season ends on Acadia, they are taken up to northern Maine to work the owner's farms and rest up. They prefer the colder weather more than the warm.

That is one contented looking wife.
Back home....just in time for a gorgeous sunset.

...a little something for Junior.

A wonderful, relaxing, two-hour carriage ride up and down the summit. Great time.

A day later, we headed back to Vermont to see the fall leaves change color. September 23rd was our one-year anniversary of being on the road full-time. Now...we have two more to go !

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