Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Meteor Crater in Arizona

We left Grand Canyon by the east entrance and headed down to Flagstaff for some groceries, lunch and an additional battery for my Droid Bionic phone. Gorgeous tree-covered high desert...BUT, once we got outside of Flagstaff, we ran into real horizons !

This is the way it looked for about 25-30 miles toward the famous Metor Crater.

I went here as a kid but don't remember much of it so Kim and I were determined to visit it .... and it was well worth the side trip off highway 40. We cruised around the visitor's center, then went outside to look at the crater itself. WOW !!!!

It is so big that there could be 20 football fields inside of it and a million people watching around the rim ! over 500 feet deep, 4,000 feet across and over 2 miles around.

Our RV is the one with the white van behind it.

view from the rim looking north

our RV in the parking lot

our guide, Eduardo

I made a movie to show the expanse. Pertty darn cool.

Next stop: Petrifed Forest and Painted Desert...staying at OK RV in Holbrook, AZ...nice town.

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