Sunday, October 30, 2011

Grand Canyon (and it IS Grand!)

Next Stop: Grand Canyon, Arizona. 292 miles. Nice drive through the stark Arizona desert...

The Grand Canyon is so huge that photos cannot convey it all properly. It's more than a mile down from the photos you're about to see. The entire canyon is over 277 miles long and, at most spots we were at, it's 10 miles across. The two movies following the photos might help with some perspective.

This is one of the few viewpoints where you can see so much of the Colorado River. Many of the others, the river can only be seen a tiny bit or not at all. This viewpoint is called Watchtower and it's the very first lookout if you enter from the east.

We got up at sunrise to take photos. That darn sun is getting up later and later.

...and a few at sunset....

There was also many deer and elk hanging around the roads and our campground. They were not afraid of humans so we could get real close to take photos.

This fellow liked to pull down the juniper branches with his rack in order to get to the berries for some snacks.

These photos can also be seen at this link:

Next stop: Meteor Crater, Arizona.

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