Monday, April 2, 2018

Not quite the entrance to Vegas we expected

First off, we traveled through Salt Lake City/Provo/Ogden area the other morning. Talk about freeway....about 80-90 miles before we finally reached the end and came out into the country again.  some gorgeous vistas of the Wasatch Mountains but who could look? I was too busy trying to avoid morning commuters anxious to get to work and large trucks barreling by. At least Kim got some  good photos.


Then we stayed at Cedar City for a night before heading down to Vegas early. We left at 8. Our plan was to get there around 11, get off at Sahara Blvd, head over to Las Vegas Blvd., turn on some Dean Martin "Aint' that a kick in the head" and tool on down the strip in our coach while taking in the sites.

First off, I forgot about the time change so we gained an hour. We stopped in the desert outside of Mesquite for a bit while Katie sniffed around outside for a place to pee, then we headed to Vegas.

Notice Katie in the window?

Kim took photos of the skyline as we descended into the valley. So far so good.

Then we hit construction where it all came down to a two-lane screeching halt. We finally reached Sahara, got off and began our month-long planning to head down the strip. Kim said she had to pee so I had to crawl a bit while traffic zoomed around me. I get close to the actual strip when a taxi comes up next to me, honks, and shouts, "Hey, you lost a tire off your trailer!!". I pulled way over to the right curb, put on my emergency flashers, yelled at Kim to come out and went back to see no tire on my trailer rim ! It was just scrapping along the street ! (Fortunately, we have two axles with four tires otherwise....).

Good thing I have local knowledge of the Vegas streets because I pulled into the far left lane while car after car yelled out, "No tire !". Kim kept saying, "Thank you" out the window as we finally reached Convention Blvd. where I took a left and pulled into the Vegas Skydiving parking lot.

Not quite the entrance into Vegas we'd planned.

Look tire !

Our concern was that the other tire would now blow also...good thing it didn't.

scraping and grinding our way into the parking lot.

Katie is wondering what all the fuss is about.

But, all is well. I called for roadside service, he came out in 30 minutes, got my spare on and we went down the strip to our RV resort. Pant, pant, pant.

Time for an adult beverage !



  1. The Wasatch Range with snow on them is gorgeous - we just took Amtrak (the California Zephyr) thataways and back. Due to an engine problem delay coming back we got to see them in daylight. :-) Oh no about your tire! Lol, it never goes quite as planned. ;-) But glad you are back on solid rubber and ready to continue your adventures! :-)

    1. Deb...not sure I know you. Thanks for the view and comment.