Saturday, April 14, 2018

Las Vegas Part 2

Let's see...where did we leave off? Oh yes....

Next blog will have: Tour the inside of the Venitian and Bellagio. See the outside gardens at Mandalay Bay. Take a photo in front of the Las Vegas Welcome sign.

We'll start with the Vegas sign. The line was about 50 people long when we first showed up so we put it off a few days, then came over in the morning and there were still about 15 people already lined up so we stood off to the side, pulled out my selfie stick and took our photo.....finally! after all these years.

The ground is really not that slanted.
The inside of the Venetian casino/hotel is unlike any other. Classy, fragrant with the most beautiful painting on the ceilings ! The entrance is gorgeous !

Ceiling paintings at the entrance from the street.
Outside with the campanile tower

Entrance with the outside gondolas. 

Ceiling paintings

Ceiling paintings

Ceiling paintings

Entrance from down the hall

Ceiling paintings above the entrance

Ceiling paintings

Extra check in desk

Upstairs hallway 

You can see the people in line to register...and this was a Tuesday. The doorman said 1600 people were checking that day.

This nice man played for us while we danced next to him in the lobby. People stopped and took our picture while dancing. 
Look at these goofy tourists !

The Bellagio is one fantastic casino/hotel as well. The lobby is so colorful and the conservatory has a theme that changes periodically.

Close up of the lobby ceiling

Lobby ceiling....all glass.

Lobby check-in area. Look at the flowers behind.

At the entrance to Mandalay Bay, there are some beautiful gardens and waterfalls which hardly anyone notices because they usually arrive via car or taxi and not see it at all but it's one of our favorites. It's based on a Thailand theme.

Mandalay Bay Hotel

....and a few extra photos from the strip....

Taken from one of the over-street walkways

Paris Hotel

Just a cool shot

From the top of the Eiffel Tower

And we all know what this is. The legs extend right into the can  see them inside.

Okay, that's all for Vegas. I'm way behind as we've already been to Zion NP, Kanab, and Lake Powell. I'll get caught up eventually.

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