Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Dahlias are in bloom !

 While in North Bend/Coos Bay area in Oregon, we visited the Shore Acres Park where there is a wonderful garden full of flowers, trees, shrubs and foliage. This time, the Dahlias were in full bloom. There were four "squares" of them in the gardens. Spectacular.

The yellow squares were filled with the Dahlias.

Let's let the flowers beauty speak for themselves....

They don't allow dogs in the park, so I carried Katie for a while before taking her for a long walk in the nearby forest. She couldn't wait to get down and do some sniffing.

A butterfly came and landed on one of the flowers and stuck around long enough for Kim to take some closeups.

Our camera has a close-up feature on it so we can get right up to the object, so I took some of those to show the amazing Dahlias. Notice how their petals are all unique.

Aren't they gorgeous !!??

These are good photos to show two of the four squares.

There were other greenery around but the stars were the Dahlias. They also have a fantastic viewpoint of the nearby cliffs with breaking waves but that's for another entry.


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