Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Our Katie's life

Well, you knew this was coming....we have to post photos and movies of our Havanese puppy, Katie. Her full "official" registered name is Kathryn Elizabeth. We got to take her home at 8 weeks but got three visits before that. Sooo....get ready for some real cutsie-wootsie photos from two proud folks....

Here's the four of them together at about 6 weeks. Katie is the one in the far back corner.

The first time Kim got to hold her. "Are you going to be my Forever Mommy"?

...and here she is today !

First visit still

Those eyes !
...and today !

Second about 4 weeks
Nose to nose
Third visit....6 weeks.

We finally got to bring her home with us at 8 weeks after she had her first set of vaccinations. Here's a movie of a very happy Kim bringing her to the car...

Then, when she got home....she wanted to do nothing but rest...

Of course, Kim went out and bought a few toys and supplies !

So then she started to settle in...

Someone found the TP

She could not touch the ground until she had all of her inoculations so we bought this rug and fence so she could be outside with us.

First visit to the vet for a checkup

What a fur ball
She LOVED this paper

We let her on the bed at first but now only to sleep with playing.

Took her to Lowes with us

At the vet in Topeka for her last set of shots.

After her last set of shots, she had to wait two weeks until she could go outside for good but that day finally came in Grand Junction, Colorado.

"I never knew there were so many dogs out there!"
She travels great. Either in Kim's lap sleeping or in her "house".

"I wanna go out too !"
We take her to all kinds of walks...loves all the smells and sights...


Grand Junction

Colorado National Monument

Selfie in Green River, Utah

Grand Canyon

Family portrait

...and a shoe-eating movie...

Of course, we have hundreds more photos but.....

Hope you enjoy her as much as we do.

Katie and Steve and Kim

Friday, June 10, 2016

Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, and other spots

We left Moab...finally...and headed south to stay one night at the Cameron Trading Post. They have and "RV Park" across the street where we hooked up. All gravel and not very long for our 61-feet.

Oh...along the way, we stopped at PJ's burger's in Monticello, Utah for a burger.....delicious!



And then....we wanted to see Monument Valley one more time. We didn't stop and visit...just drove by, stopped along the highway and took photos.

Mexican Hat with Kim and Katie

Mexican Hat

Finally, we got to Cameron, took the van off the trailer and drove up to see the Grand Canyon. It's spectacular as always....

Katie and Steven

Katie in the window

Self Portrait

at the east end entrance

....and our Katie Photo-of-the-Day....

"can I come too?"

Nice journeys...what a hoot!