Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Underappreciated Colorado National Monument

This is a park that is way underappreciated. You have Bryce, Zion, Canyonlands, Monument Valley but this one seems to be overlooked. We spent three days and still never exhausted the park. Amazing views around every corner. Not enough turnouts (or bathrooms !) to take more photos but those that were there were spectacular.  

Of course, you can click on a photo to see a larger version, then below, you'll see a "film strip" that you can click through all of them.

Here's the Rimrock road we travelled on while visiting the park.
Cap rocks that erode slower than layers underneath

Titled rock formation

Another tilted formation going into the earth

View of Grand Junction below...looking east.

Many many valleys that have been made by erosion over millions of years

The Rimrock Road travels above these so you can view them.

This illustration, at on overlook, shows how this very large rock slid instead of collapsing.

Here's the "slid rock"

...and a closer look.
Trail from below looking at the western entrance

There's a road above all that lighter rock

....and here's the road !

Trail led right down to one of these tall, tall rocks.

Looking at Independence Monument in the foreground
Here's the original route that was climbed

...and one climber near the top

almost there...

Closeup - About to get to the top 

You can see the person in red at the's a lady and the man at the bottom belaying her in blue is her Dad
And here's what the rock looks like from our observation point.
Balanced Rock

Caused by years of water erosion

These are called the Coke Rocks because they resemble coke furnaces.

Cock Rocks from the other side

....and a closer look

Another boring magnificent valley

Now for some flora and nature shots...Spring is a great time to visit.

...and a few personal photos...

Katie using a fish-eye lens treatment

Man and his Dog

My Sweetie
Okay...that's it for this one...hope you enjoyed it.

Steve/Kim and Katie

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