Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Off We Go !

We got up very early so that we could leave at 5am to get up to the Camping World Tampa to get our coach tires rotated before the traffic hit. All was fine but...we got there early and then a big thunder, lightning and rain storm hit so I could not disconnect the trailer and car. At 8am I went in and found out that we needed two new front tires but, they did not have them ! So, I called Tallahassee Camping World and arranged to be there the next day to have them installed. The tires cost $728 each ! The total bill came to $1769. Are you sure you want to full-time RV?

Nice to see and hear the birds again...and Katie is doing a great job travelling with us. She's either on Kim's lap sleeping or in her bed sleeping.

In between us while travelling


Carolina Wren

Oh...we left on April 7th, my birthday. Kim got me some funny birthday cards and a Cypress Knee carving. Very thoughtful.

Cypress Knee carving
Funny birthday cards
Birthday Boy

Steve and Kim

Mileage for the day: 347 miles.

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