Sunday, March 22, 2015


We finally got out of the RV park where we spent The Season (Winter). Drove 325 north up I-75 to I-10 west to Tallahassee RV. Stopped about 4 times along the way. Not quite used to driving so far yet. LOTS of traffic on the 6-lane highway around Ocala and Gainesville. We stayed in the slow lane and went about 60 so we didn't have much trouble. Man, there's a lot of tailgaters on the road...not sure where they think they can go with a dozen cars in front of them, all going 75 mph.

Out our side window...gorgeous pine trees.

Out the front window with all the green grass.

Lots of Cardinals calling around the park here...wonderful sound. We've stayed here before...nice beautiful park.

 Kim's taking a nap and I'm fixing a bean soup for supper.


 Tomorrow, we take off around 11am (lazy morning) to head west to Eagle's Landing RV in Holt, Florida...only about 175 miles. Ought to be a relaxing day as we get back into the travelling mode again.

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