Monday, August 18, 2014

Some Sketches

This post is a bit risky for me. I'd like to share with you some of the pencil sketches I've drawn over the past couple of years. Drawing does not come natural for me...takes a lot of practice. Most of what is drawn ends up in the you'll see below. But...some I'm proud of...even astonishing myself...."Wow, did I draw that??!!" we go....

Oh....most of what you'll see are faces. For some reason, they're what I'm drawn to (Hah ! Good pun huh?).

First off, this was the studio back in California before we started travelling.

This one made me feel as though I could draw after all.

Photographs in magazines are a good starting point.

Also, eyes and ears, noses, mouths etc need to be drawn and practiced.

Here's a pad of paper that has a bunch of practice faces....some good, some awful...but, all of them were fun to draw.

Here's one that's not a face that was drawn about 10 years ago up at Lake Almanor in northern California. Kim really likes this one

Now....a number of faces....


Linda Evans maybe?

I get more positive comments about this one than the others.

Quick sketch....maybe 10 minutes.

I finally started to get my dark values dark enough.

Glen Frey

Looks like Cher

This one is a bit out of focus....kinda looks like Judy Garland.

Lastly...some really quick sketches...each about 1-2 minutes each...just trying to get a quick feel for the face.

Faces are tough because the symmetry and eye/nose/ear/etc all have to be in the "right" spot on the face. Nevertheless, they sure are fun to draw. 

Hope you liked these.



  1. I didn't know you drew. I enjoyed seeing some of your work. Keep drawing, cousin!

    1. Thank you....I go in spurts. Some months - nothing then I get on a roll for a couple of months.

  2. looks great to me. I would not even be able to do it.