Friday, February 28, 2014

Zoosiana. Zoo of Acadiana

There is a great zoo just south of Lafayette, Louisana that is called ZOOSIANA. It used to be the Zoo of Acadiana but they said no one could pronounce Acadiana so they changed the name to be part "zoo" and part "Louisiana. Clever.

The Zoo is privately owned so it's not like the San Diego or Omaha zoos that are so pristine with dozens of employees everywhere. Plus, the animal areas here are close to each other which makes for shorter walking through the park. The Omaha Zoo wore us out. Not only were the animals waaaaaay far apart from each other but there were ups and downs everywhere. We did not last long there.

This one is very very friendly, comfortable and you can get close to the animals. Some you probably don't want the porcupines...but it is very intimate. This is our second time visiting.

This is the cutest picture. Kim is reaching for all she can to reach "Gabriel" and he's doing the same.

You talking to me !!??

Looks like some ladies I saw at WalMart the other day.

Cute little deer at the petting zoo. She started to come over to Kim but the cow took over instead.

This is Mrs. Giraffe. Gabriel is her husband. They got "married" last February. The zoo is waiting to see if she's pregnant but the gestation period is 18 months so she might no show for a while.

Goat in the petting area. He was shy, probably because we did not have any food ! Look at the rectangle pupils.

Kim loves lambs like this one.

Do not know the name of these guys. Anyone know? 
There was a large area for the ostriches to run around in.

Sandhill Cranes are so noisy. You'd think it was a very large elephant when you hear them from across the zoo.

A very colorful bird in the tropical area but I did not get the name.
Solitary cat...cannot remember it's name.

Beautiful small fox.

There were four gators....all sleeping. You would think they're not real because they don't move at all. It's winter for them too. They don't eat for months in the winter.

Close up of the giraffe leg markings.

Close up of the giraffe body markings.

Leopard waiting for feeding time.

Marmoset. Fast little guys.

...and here are those porcupines.

This zoo had one of the best reptile exhibits. At least a dozen boas behind glass.

The other nice thing about the zoo is that there are many species of birds flying around so, for someone like me who's getting into birding, is was great. I saw male and female Cardinals, Grackles, Mocking Birds, Crows, and a number of ones that I'm working on identifying.

A very satisfying zoo to visit. We recommend it highly.

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  1. This looks like an awesome zoo. Paul and I really enjoy visiting zoos. In about two years, when I hope to retire, we want to travel like you are. Right now we are just living vicariously though you! Love you, your cousin, Robin