Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Not many HUGE places to visit in Wisconsin (like GRAND canyon or GLACIER park, etc) but we sure packed in a lot of sites and visitations during our two weeks. We were going to stay only a few days at this RV spot but extended our stay twice because there was so much that we wanted to see and do.

  • Dams and Lock # 11 on the Mississippi River
  • Mississippi River Museum/Aquarium
  • William S. Black steamship/dredger
  • Field of Dreams
  • Dyersville Victorian House and Doll Museum
  • Historical Cheese Factory
  • New Glarus Brewery
  • Historical Swiss Village
  • Hinchley's Dairy Farm
  • Petosi Brewery
  • Historical Brewery Museum
  • New car purchase
  • Walmart shopping
  • 23rd anniversary breakfast at Katrina's
  • Doll and Toy Museum
  • Brewster's Cheese and Restaurant
  • Grant County Courthouse
  • Subway sandwiches (multiple visits)
  • Car tour of Dubuque, Iowa (visited neighborhoods)
  • Dubuque Arboretum and Gardens
  • Ice House Harbor, Mississippi River
  • Galena, Illinois
  • President/General Ulysses S Grant's home
  • The Butcher Shop (bought LOTS of brats)
  • Cleaned out and gleaned coach
  • Sold the California house

Potosi Brewery....great beer !

Dairy Farm tour....wonderful clouds.

Take a look at how little the farmer gets out of the money we spend at the store.

Doll and Toy museum.....Toy Story figures.

Toy Museum....old Tinkertoys.

Double Cheese sandwiches in Brewster's

New car and happy couple.

Historical Brewery Museum

15 cents !!!

In New Glarus..named for Glarus, Switzerland

Swiss Village

Brewery....more great beer!

Diary tour with the young ones sucking on Kim's finger.

More Dairy Tour

Cow bells used in New Glarus in the old days.

Kim milking a cow at the Dairy Farm.

Galena, Illinois, home of General Grant....

....and now a major tourist trap!

Lock and Dam #11 on the Mississippi River

Dubuque, Iowa Arboretum

Dubuque, Iowa Arboretum

New car....2013 Honda Odyssey

More Doll and Toy Museum

Great car !

Steve is listening to Mark Twain read to him at the Mississippi River Museum

Mississippi River Museum/Aquarium 

View from the front of our coach looking at a typical Wisconsin dairy farm scene

On the Mighty Mississippi River !

Historical Cheese Factory...in a converted railroad station.

...shows how they used to make cheese....the same way they do it today.

Remember this scene from Field of Dreams? Kim is recreating it.

Grant County courthouse. The Midwest is loaded with gorgeous courthouses in the middle of town.

...from Field of Dreams. Steve is disappearing into the cornfield.

Each one of these activities/places/events could be a blog post on their own but these give you an idea what it's like to really see America...not just the big stuff.

We've let Wisconsin now, spent three nights in Campaign, Illinois (went south to avoid Chicago) and we are currently at the Newmar RV Factory in Nappannee, Indiana. Then we head east to New Jersey to spend some time with Kim's brother and family. After that, we are five weeks in New England taking in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maine.

...then Florida for the winter!

Kim and Steve

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