Thursday, March 21, 2013

Flowers Flowers Flowers

This one is for all you flower lovers out there!

First off, the International Water Lilly Collection, in...of all places...San Angelo, Texas.

We went over to see the lily flowers but found only one. Disappointing. But....we came back 2 days later and found all of these!

Kim took all the great flower photos...I could not resist taking some photos of the lily pads themselves.

Also, to our delight and surprise, there were hundreds of Bluebonnets in bloom. We have not seen them yet so this was very great to finally be able to see how gorgeous they are. No wonder it's the Texas state flower.

They are wildflowers so they don't stay nicely contained in these areas...they land and sprout wherever they want.

We were not the only ones enjoying them....the Bees were all over them as well. Buzz buzz buzz

Lastly, on our 165 miles trip down to Fort Stockton along the Goodnight-Loving cattle drive trail, we pulled over to take some desert flower photos.

This is where we pulled over....that's the road behind us. They drove cattle along this route...about 10-12 miles a day only!

Gorgeous day today....going to be 88 degrees! We're off to see the Roy Orbison Museum in Wink, Texas.

Kim and Steve

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