Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cabela's !!

While we were getting a transmission seal replaced on our coach, we decided to check out Cabela's (World's Foremost Outfitter) across the highway from our repair place in Buda, Texas...just south of Austin and north of San Antonio on Interstate 35 . All I can say is "WOW!!". What a fun store to wander around in. (Yes, yes....I know Bass Pro Shops are pretty cool too. We just happened to be near this one.)

Heck, the parking lot was bigger than even Walmart's!...and people (well, mostly guys) were flooding in.

This is the plaque at the base of the sculpture.
Kim, off on another hunt!

This is what you see when you first walk in. 
Life sized animals.

One area of the store was set aside for us to walk around and view a number of a zoo, but stuffed....well taxidermed I guess.

A very large rattler.....eeeek.

They had great markers for all the animals. We thought it would've been fun to have a sign for this guy. "Male Hunter, Age 45. Lives an average of 80 years. Diet comprised of beer and chips. Last seen pursuing Grizzly Bear".

You can see how tall this bear is next to Kim. How would you like to run across him in the forest?

.....or this bad boy !??

We have yet to see a real moose in our travels. This is as close as we've come.

They even had two large aquariums that showed the fish we're supposed to catch (and release?).

Oh yeah...they had merchandise also. Check out the "small" selection of fishing poles.

Who knew that you needed to have so many choices of poles?

We did end up buying a couple of these harnesses for our binoculars. They're great! You can walk without the binocs bouncing on your chest.

We mostly looked at the animals. Killed a good hour and did not even get to the second floor.  We felt like tourists at a tourist attraction....walking around gawking with our mouths open.

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