Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some Jigsaws

One of our favorite evening activities while travelling (ranked ahead of TV and surfing the web) is to put jigsaw puzzles together at our dining room table. We cut up a bunch of veggies and maybe some fruit, put on some tunes and settle down for a relaxing evening of brain twisting pieces of jigsaws. I know, it sounds corny and old-fashioned, but it's a great couple of hours (sometimes over a night or two) that we spend uninterrupted time together (except for feeding the cats periodically).

I know, I know...it's not as exciting as museums, battleships, gardens, etc...but it will show you how life is on the road for us.

This is what our "workplace" looks like for a typical evening. Of course, we need to cover up the board at night if we're not done so the two furry creatures that live with us don't walk all over it and take it apart. (They love to mess with us like that).

Plate of veggies and fruit to munch on. Oh, and that is my HTC 8x Windows 8 phone attached to a Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker that I bought from Amazon for around $20...cool portable speaker.

Here are some example of our completed puzzles and some closeups to show the wonderful detail in them.

This boy REALLY wants that sled for Christmas. 

This one had gorgeous colors to work with...the trees at the top were left for last....you can see why....all the pieces are very similar

We stayed at an RV Park on the outskirts of Houston for a few days and, inside their clubhouse, they had a combination library, computer spot and a puzzle room! You can see the tables with puzzle squares and some puzzles in progress. The people would come in from time to time to continue as some of them seemed, not only very challenging, but over 2,000 pieces! Yikes !!

...some examples of completed puzzled on the wall and ours in the foreground on the table.

No, this is not a photograph....it's a jigsaw puzzle...and, from the looks of it...a tough one.

This is the kind we like. Only 500 pieces and easy-to-grip and interlocking !! 

Here is one we completed last night (Tuesday the 18th of February).

We'll post some of the other adventures in time...like the Texas BBQ Trail, the fabulous Texas Aquarium in Corpus Christi and, if I ever get around to it, my four days of exploring the Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania.

Hope you enjoy this one.

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