Wednesday, January 16, 2013

EF1 Tornado in Breaux Bridge

A bit of scary times last week, Thursday and Sunday, when a storm came through Louisiana and an F1 tornado came through the small town of Breaux Bridge nearby...about 6 miles away. It was rather random how it hit...not like the swath you see on the weather reports for the big ones.

We drove down the other day to go to the grocery store and saw some of the buildings hit. It's interesting that the one house was hit but the one next to hit was not. Bad stuff. "Fortunately" ??, the house we saw only had the back patio structure and the garage torn away.

We've only seen tornado damage on the weather channel and the news. This was the first time we saw it up close. Kind of sobering.

La Poussiere  Cajun Dancehall.

We had bad rain, lightning and thunder all day Christmas and New Years day. Not quite what we expected when we came here for a couple of months becuase last year was very pleasant. We head west on the 28th for Texas for a month of poking around as we head back west for warmer climates.

Kim and Steve

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