Monday, October 8, 2012

Moooooooo...and a couple of Baaaaas

Kim LOVES animals ! Deer, cats, dogs, sheep, geese, ducks.....well, you get the picture. A couple of her real loves are cows and goats. So, in honor of my wife's love, we're publishing some of the, over one hundred, photos she's been taking.

Most of the cows we saw were Holsteins. (Holsteins (also known as Holstein-Friesian cattle or Friesian cattle) are a breed of cattle known today as the world's highest-production dairy animal.
Originating in Europe, Holsteins were bred in what is now the Netherlands and more specifically in the two northern provinces of North Holland and Friesland. The animals were the regional cattle of the Batavii and Frisii, two tribes who settled in the coastal Rhine region around 2,000 years ago.)

Sit back and relax and just enjoy these wonderful animal photos (and some terrific foliage colors in the background).

Everyone wanted their picture taken.

Ooops...this one was too fast for Kim's camera !

Uh Oh...The Bull spotted us taking pictures of his lady friends.......better get outa here quick!

These look like real cows right?

They make up a school bike rack ! Clever huh?

We came upon one herd that were all laying down...everyone one of them ! Maybe the farmer put something in their food to help them relax?

Check out the background colors ! We got to see miles and miles of this.

What a sweet face.

More "relaxing" cows.

During one of our drives to see the fall colors, we see these baby goats in front of a country store selling goat products. We come to a screeching halt, turn the van around and go back and look out the window at them. I just turn off the engine and let Kim talk to them for as long as she wants.

As soon as we come up to the barn, everyone comes out to greet us. LOVE those ears.

Well, a different blog post but really nice to see all the dairy cows out in the fields with all the colors happening around them. Two for the price of one.....cows and colors.

Next post we'll show off those spectacular colors.

Kim and Steve

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