Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kim's New Wheels !

Kim had some foot surgery done on her right foot April 23rd. She had a large bone spur and, because the cartilage was worn away between her big toe joints, she was in increasing pain. The joint bones were rubbing against each other.

This made it so that most shoes pressed down on this spot...more pain.

After weight on her foot for two weeks.

She sat in our lazy boy chair on pain medicine and rested.

Our cat, Hobbes, kept her company. Guess who got to do ALL the chores for those two weeks!!??

Here are the x-rays from this last Thursday when she was FINALLY able to take her walking boot off after 6 weeks and walk freely (and pain free) for the first time in months!

Side view showing the bottom horizontal screw to fuse the 2 joints together as well as the 2 vertical screws front and back.

Top view showing the "plate" that makes sure the joints stay solid. LOTS of hardware in there.

We had two questions for the doctor: (1) will this set off the airport security alarm? ANSWER: it might but if you take off your shoe, they'll just wand that area. (2) will it rust? ANSWER: no, it's surgical steel.

Anyway, you should have seen Kim's face when she was walking around the hospital afterwards. Joy all over her. FINALLY, pain free feet. Congratulations Kim for sticking through it all.


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