Thursday, January 5, 2012

Luling, Texas

Luling (pronounced "loooooling") looked promising as a spot to stop instead of going the full distance past Houston and is the start of the Texas BBQ Trail so we went to City Market in town to try some BBQ out after we "landed" and got all hooked up in the local RV park.

You walk into this "store/restaurant" and, at the back is another windowed-room that has three guys chopping away on a butcher table and a couple others taking orders and cash...kinda different.

No waiters, waitresses or menus...just the meat items and prices on the wall. "A couple of links, half-pound of brisket and four ribs, please" we order. They chop, chop, chop and put it all down on some butcher paper. We pay in cash and out we go to grab a table.....

Notice the rib bones are already picked clean !
These links look kinda gross (due to the flash on the camera) but they sure eat good. The ribs were terrific. We came back the next day for lunch and had them only....amazing.

We had to go back to New Bruenfels (above San Antonio) to get our tires re-done (our tires cost $4,400 for six tires !) and the place messed up the valve stems so we spent the night in the parking lot....spooky...all by ourselves.

While they were doing the tires we visited an old, old hardware store in town.

...and a fabulous Christmas store chock full of holiday stuff.

One last thing we did in Luling was to visit the Tiny Texas Houses manufacturing place right on the interstate.

You can just make out one of the tiny houses off the interstate to the far right.
These people make houses from salvageable materials....and I quote "I have spent the last 5 years pioneering and developing ways of building houses that are 99% Pure Salvage, 100% American grown and mined materials, refined and manufactured into building materials inside the USA, and our houses are built entirely in the USA.  Best of all they are healthy houses. "

They are no more than 10x30 or 20x30 feet at most....and extremely imaginative in their designs. I encourage you to look at their website.

You can see the size with Kim in the foreground.

This one was designed to put on the bayou for hunting and fishing for a dad and his boy.

notice how they combined a staircase with a bookshelf.

A nice lady named Brill gave us the tour and filled us in the details. Kim was particularly enthralled as she likes to draw house plans as a hobby.

Lastly, here are some photos of the town itself (pop: 5,500).

They have a festival called The Watermelon Thump and one of the main events is the watermelon seed spitting contest.

The town's merchants each have one of these Christmas displays made. All very unique and charming.

...amazing what we can find to see and do as we travel through the country. It's very heart warming to see these down-to-earth places, events and people.

Next Stop: Stanzel Model Aircraft Museum in Schulenburg, Texas

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