Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Roads, Vistas, and Horizons

Once we got to the Hill Country outside of San Antonio and Austin our roads-that-went-forever ceased. I've always loved being on those roads that go waaaay off into the horizon...don't know why...maybe the explorer in me. Driving the motorhome is so easy on these roads (with cruise control and air shocks) and all that just adds to the enjoyment.

Anyway, Kim and I decided to take photos of the roads as we went along to show them sometime in the future. We've posted most of them here.....


But here are a few to look at.

This is looking west towards El Paso from Fort Stockton, Texas. 240 miles in the distance.
Some of these roads went 150 miles like this one from Carlsbad, New Mexico to Pecos, Texas

Just something different to view. California desert, Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas.  It might look boring but we just couldn't get over the vistas, how far you could see, and that there is nothing out there....just miles and miles of horizons.

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