Monday, November 21, 2011

Four Corners - Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona

Early in the morning we headed out to Four Corners from Monument Valley. The 95 miles were, as always in the desert, very varied and wonderful vistas....including a herd of goats that wanted to own the road for a while.

Once we got to Four Corners, we went through an entrance where there was a charge to get in to see this spot. This is Navajo land so they can do what they want with the property, including charge admission. We went in, not many people were there, and took a few quick photos, then bugged out to Cortez, Colorado where we will visit Mesa Verde and the cliff dwellers.

Four sided area with the actual corner in the middle.

Pretty cool to stand in four states at once...the only place in the United States where this can be done.

Next stop: Mesa Verde, Colorado.

All the photos are also posted here:

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