Sunday, July 3, 2011

Trip to Northeast California

We went away up to the northeast part of California for a week with our 5th wheel to see Burney Falls and Lassen Park and came away delighted (again) at how much there is to see, even on a short trip like this one.
First off, we went up highway 5 to Redding, then cut NE up the foothills (about 5,000 feet) to a nice campground at Hat Creek.

The next day we went to Burney Falls. This is actually two waterfalls in one. One that comes from the Pit River above and over the cliff (this splits into two large waterfalls) and multiple streams coming through the porous volcanic rock from underground water. It flows about 100 million gallons a day. You can view it from the top, then walk down to the water level and further down Burney Creek on a nice walk. The Creek ends up in Lake Britton, which, of course, I had to jump in.

Another self-portrait in front of Burney Falls. So much to smile about.

Cold, refreshing, fun!

Next day we headed up to Lassen Park, but there is still 32-feet of snow in some places over the road so we could only get into the park about 10 miles before turning back. We took a great hike through the forest past some serene meadows, Lily pads and some amazing rock landscape. This turned out to be a part of the mountain that gave way years ago and formed a huge landslide which came at speeds over 100mph and covered the surrounding area with these volcanic rocks.
The Lily pad pond on our walk. Looks like a Money painting.

This is only 10 miles from the park entrance. The roads are getting cleared still.

Rocks strewn from the mountain landslide.

Rocks strewn from the mountain landslide.

Lassen through the trees

Part of the debris field that went for miles.

Manzanita Lake in Lassen

Manzanita Lake in Lassen
The next day we went over to Fall River Falls to see their museum and special horse barn.

Mount Lassen

Very unique horse barn. This was torn down miles away and rebuilt at this new spot using new wood but the same plans.

This was a terrific museum with 7 building full of 1830-1900 antiques. A great curator talked to us and answered all our questions at length. A real find in a town of only about 709 people.

In one of the building there was this tea pot set that had been donated by the children of the lady who collected them over the years. If you click on the photo and look closely you'll see a number of very interesting and one-of-a-kind teapots.

Shasta to the west (far right) and Lassen (far left) from the top of the hill on a dirt we climbed with our truck.

The last thing we did was go to the Crawdad Festival in Red Bluff. We learned how to eat crawdads, dance Cajun and buy homemade pomegranate marinade and homemade jelly.
The crawdad's were sure big !

Homemade jam....someone (Kim) looks happy!

Doing the Zydeco Slide....what moves !

...and what would be a blog without all these cutesy photos.

Nattie watching the ducks...."can I just lick their little feet"?

Water-baby in the RV pool.

...and Water-Girl

Hobbes and new friend.

Some geese at Manzanita lake looking for a handout.

It seems no matter where we go, there's some sort of huge statue. This one was a cowboy-brander. cute.

Hobbes and Nattie watching Kim feed the ducks.
Well, we hoped you liked this entry. LOTS more photos to be seen here if you're interested.

Next trip: Northern California Redwoods ! See you then.

Kim and Steve

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