Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Amazing California State Railroad Museum

Kim and I went up to the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento a few weeks ago when the town opens up all the museums for a day for free! We got there an hour early and got there ahead of most of this line that ran around the block! Kim has been trying for years to get me to go to this museum and, when she finally got me there, I enjoyed it so much. Thank you Kim !

They must have over a dozen trains from all eras inside. Passenger, Coal, Mail Trains, Personal Trains.....wonderful exhibits.

Next to each of these trains were many glass enclosed displays showing details for each one and other side interests to railroading in general including the engineering tools used to make the tracks themselves.

Engineering Tools used in the railroad industry

Wheel defect guages and caliper in canvas pouch - 1950s

Southern Pacific Rulebook - 1930

Literature of the day regarding railroading

These are some of the "high-class" choices

Some passenger Give-Aways once you board

Some of the First Class treatments for the passengers.

Drafting Scales and Protractor

Drafting Tools
Upstairs, on the third flor, was devoted totally to toy trains, from decades ago to more recent. How many of us used to play with these trains when we were kids? I sure did.

HO Scale trains

N Scale Trains (Kim's hand for size comparison)
And, of course, the happy couple outside afterwards.

All the photos were taken with my Droid phone.

Waaaaay too much to take in just a couple of hours....and it was a bit crowded due to the Free Day. We'll have to come back and take a more liesurely journey.

The photos seems small but if you click on them, they'll enlarge for you to see more detail.

Happy Railroading!

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