Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Side Gate

Before putting the RV in the sideyard we had to take down the old side fence then build a new gate. (You can click on the photos to enlarge them.)

Old. Fence. This is looking out towards the street. we go....

...had to take out all the nails, then remove the vertical posts that were set in concrete.

View from the street....side gate is already removed.

Fence removed....gravel put in.

I put all the old fence on the front lawn in case I needed use it for reference on how to build a new one.

First build a gate frame.

Add some nice hinges...
Meanwhile, Kim was putting the redwood boards on the large frames.

First gate on to the larger one.

This larger gate will pivot from your right so we can get the RV in and out. This one proved to be heavy!

I got it all up, then found out I needed to add a wheel to roll over the gravel so I had to take off the redwood planks, put the wheel on, then put them all back on.

Almost done....notice the open frames....we thought it looked nice but decided to add latice.

Finished product. This project took about a week...had to only work a few hours a day.
While working, this balloon came over the house across the street. I heard a big "whooooosh"...turned out to be the flamed being turned on.
Next up.....front porch decorations !
...hope you enjoy this episode....we did not do any travelling because of family obligations but, after that,  then we'll post some new ones for you !

Keep those comments coming...they're great!

Kim and Steve

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