Monday, October 11, 2010

First Trip !

Well, after 3 days of packing the RV with supplies, clothes, food, etc, we finally headed out at 9am Monday the 4th to Lake Solano Park for a few days. This trip is meant to be a "shake down" cruise where we find out how to use all the systems and see what's it's like to live in an RV (versus all those years in a tent).

First we had to back into our spot. I did real good backing it just where the water and electricity hookups were. Wooo wooooo. BUT, when I went to put out my slides....oooops....too close to the hookups...they will not go out. Rats. Sooooo, pull forward and put it 6 feet away.
Wrong way !
That's much beter
NOOOOO....too close. Can't extend my slides.

Finally I got it right and here's our spot for the next 4 and a half days.
All backed in nicely now.
Our awning
With the slides out. One for the bedroom and one for the living room. Adds so much space inside

We took walks every morning and took photos. Kim took most of these....gorgeous river and lake views.

I also took flora and fauna for all the nature lovers !

...and this shows Mr. Retirement Man at rest.

We have a tradition of taking self portraits by holding the camera at arms length in front of someplace we want to remember. We have dozens in our collection.. cute.

I trust you all are enjoying our blog....thanks for following. 


  1. Great pictures! If you're only stress in life is backing up an RV, you are living the good life! My best wishes to you and Kim. Go Giants!

  2. Any phone reception out there? :-) Looks like fun. Perfect weather.

  3. Phone reception was great. No wireless so I surfed the web using my Droid.
    Weather was 80 degrees....50 in the morning.