Wednesday, March 28, 2018

...and awaaaaay we go !

Who said that phrase? If you're old enough you'll know the answer. If not, you'll have to see the answer at the bottom of this blog entry.

So....we've got the coach all outfitted and we are heading down to Vegas for 4-5 days (and nights!).

First stop is Heyburn Riverside RV park along the Snake River in Idaho. Then down to Ogden, Utah for a night, then Cedar City, Utah for another night, then to Vegas. We're going to arrive early afternoon on a Saturday so we're going to drive right down the strip with our motorhome and car trailer behind us. Ought to be a great view from up high.

Oh, and I bought a drone so hopefully, I'll get some good aerials of our trip as we travel.

The trip to Heyburn is east of Twin Falls, Idaho and it's mostly high desert with some agriculture thrown in. Here's the view for most of the trip.

WINDY ! WINDY ! up to 38 mph all the way to Heyburn RV Park....especially when I took Katie for a walk. She squatted to pee and almost got blown over !

Didn't mean to get the trash cans....was only trying for the whitecaps on the Snake River.

Here's a short video showing the wind's effects...and the sound. (it might take a moment to load).

Our site...roomy.

Here's the fluff ball in the foreground.

Katie is a photo-hog...always want to get in the shot.

some cool clouds over the mountains looking south towards Utah.

Lenticular clouds...look like spaceships.

Lenticular clouds...look like spaceships.
Tomorrow we head to Ogden, Utah for a night...only 145 miles. easy-peasy.

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Answer to above question: Jackie Gleason !

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