Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rocket Science Ice Cream !

There is an ice cream shop in Nappannee, Indiana that sells Rocket Science Ice Cream that is delicious!

We stop in this town because this is where Newmar, our coach's manufacturer, is located. So, every year or so we drop by to get major work done. And....we come to get the ice cream!

The Secret is in the Science! Flash frozen with super cooled liquid nitrogen! This makes the ice crystals much, much tinier than regular ice cream. The result is super smooth ice cream with a texture like velvet. Its out of this world!

LOTS of menu choices

Adding the nitrogen

Rocket Science at work


Ooooooo and Ahhhhhh

The finished product. This is a Small !!

You must watch this see the "steam" come out and all over the counter. last thing.

Nappanee holds the distinction of having the longest city name in the United States containing each letter in its name twice.

Steve and Kim