Sunday, June 19, 2011

Amazing Views

Kim and I are in northern California east of Red Bluff and Redding. We (I really) wanted to do some exploring so we turned off the main road and found Forest Service #22 road. It looked good on the map. The first 2-3 miles were through a beautiful meadow.

Then the road turned into a dirt road. No problem. We have a SuperDuty Ford F250. I looked a bit ahead and noticed a steep road on the side of the hill we were going to go over. "That can't be our road, can it"? Next thing I know, we're on the edge of the 'mountain' on a one-lane messy dirt road going up at a very steep angle. Kim is holding her breath while holding on for dear life. I'm thinking to myself, "what have I gotten us into"? No turning back so we just plowed ahead for about a quarter mile until the road veered away from the cliff. Pheeeewwwww.

Once we got up to the top (about 4 miles later) we came across this view.

You will have to click on the photo to get the full impact of the view. That is Mount Shasta (14,179 feet) on the far right and Mount Lassen (10,462 feet) on the far left. The two of them are about 115 miles apart. Burney Mountain (7,863 feet) is the snowy peak in the middle. And this is just a section of how far we could see in every direction. That dirt road was well worth the excitement.

More to come later when we sort through all the photos. Burney Falls, Lassen snow and forests, scenic views, and more !

Kim and Steve