Monday, April 1, 2019

The Coach was Rockin'!!

No....not "Rockin'" like that ! From the wind !!

We traveled out to Fort Stockton, Texas for a couple of nights to breathe before heading north to Carlsbad Caverns. Turns out there was a scary wind storm coming in from the west on our second day there. But, we could not get away because it was all across that part of Texas. Plus, this one was part of that Bomb Storm that hit the midwest.

Here's the storm that went east from us. Look at all the lightning bolts where the "push pin" is!

Look at the wind in the far right column. This is constant wind with gusts of to 40 mph.

This is Carlsbad where we were headed. These winds are waaaay more strong than where we were in Texas. Gusts up to 65 mph. They also had two tornadoes hit right where we were going to stay!

We pulled our stabilizing jacks up, pulled in our slides and waited it out. Not scary, just a LOT of wind.

A few days later, I read where someone was going out for his first trip in and RV near Amarillo, Texas. He hit the same wind storm and had his passenger window come out 2 feet! Yikes.

We ended up staying an additional night in Fort Stockton to wait out the wind storm but the view out our coach was fabulous. You could see a hundred miles easily.

A panorama looking west towards El Paso, Texas

Interstate 10 heading west. Not much out there.

Of course, we had to try out the best Mexican restaurant for breakfast. Muy delicioso!!

I had the iced tea because I was the driver. Kim had the XX....rats.

Katie likes to sit next to me while I work.

She didn't mind the wind storm at all.

Next up, Carlsbad Caverns....for the 4th time!